Club ITF - Innovation Through Fusion


An Overview of Club ITF - Innovation Through Fusion - What's it all about

The goal of Club ITF is to establish a fitness center for the mind. Much in the same way that a gym attracts people who like to keep in shape and that provides equipment for them to use, Club ITF looks to do the same for those who want or need to stay current with technology and explore all of the possibilities that the future offers.

The premiss of 'Innovation Through Fusion' is that most development today is done by selecting various existing technology modules or systems and 'gluing' them together to create something new. Very little is developed from scratch. Think of it as designing with Lego blocks. You don't generally design a new block to build your grand creation. You pick and choose from existing blocks or technology.

Club ITF is currently being hosted at

  UMakers Makerspace
  1202 Monte Vista Avenue
  Building 1202 Unit 11
  Upland, CA

and we get together Sunday mornings around 10am.

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