Club ITF - Innovation Through Fusion

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What are we about?

Mission Statement:
Club ITF (Innovation Through Fusion) seeks to provide a place where people can meet and share ideas.

"Prepare for Tomorrow"
"Promote Awesomeness"


We hope to provide

Resources (examples):
  • Lab Benches, Chairs, and Tables
  • Desktop and Laptop Computers: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Networking: Servers, Hubs, Routers, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Peripherals: 3D Printers, Printers, Scanners
  • Development Stations: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IoT, Robotics, Video Production, Game Design
  • Library: Language Books (C/C++, JAVA, Lua, Ruby/Perl, MySQL, XML, HTML/CSS)
  • Magazine Stacks: Circuit Cellar, MIT Tech Review, MAKE
  • Test Equipment: Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Power Supplies, DVMs
  • People: System, Hardware, and Software Engineers, Designers, and Artisans
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) (examples):
  • Web site development - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Javascript, JQuiry
  • Wireless - IoT Wifi, Bluetooth, ZigBee
  • Robotics
  • Android Mobile Apps
  • Raspberry PI
  • Arduino
  • Micro-controllers - AVR, PIC
  • JAVA
  • C/C++, C#
  • Python
  • 3D Printing
  • CosPlay
Other (examples):
  • Video displays: Large for presentations, Small for information
  • Demo room for manufacturers and projects built
  • Monitoring cameras and security system
  • Card key system to allow easy access to members

And, in general, a cool place to meet, discuss, and realize ideas.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.